If You Have a CRE8IVE Job We Can handle it

This is CRE8R's Defining Factor: We are a CRE8IVE company.

When you work with us you work with our collection of fine artists to stage your listing like never before.

We're a Tech Based CRE8IVE

Moving CRE8IVITY Forward
We provide the tech and the artists make the brand.
Art is all around us and make up the world we live in today. Why has the way that artists work with companies stayed so outdated?

We work with artists to bring them the exposure, work and proper compensation for CRE8IVE work.

Original NYC Fine Art

Noel Anthony Martinez

Where It All Started

Our entire business is built on the premise that artists should be able to create a career and thrive just based on their gifts and talents, just like everyone else. If you're good at mathematics then you use that talent to become an engineer, accountant or actuary. If you are great with the sciences and humanities you go into medicine or research. But, why is it that if you’re an artist, you are told to pick a ‘real major’ or get a ‘real job’? We want to ERADICATE the mere idea of a starving artist!!Therefore, we developed CRE8R.This is a platform that artists from all areas of visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, photography and collage etc.) can utilize to market, promote and sell their artwear use modern day marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, Facebook and Instagram Ads to create a buzz and sell the art of our talented people.


What We're About

Visual Art

  • Masterpieces from Emerging Artists
  • Sales and Rentals of NYC's most CRE8IVE

Real Estate

  • One of a kind staging created by real artists
  • Full Media Production to take listings to market


  • Work with the most talented up and comers for your next media needs
  • We're a tech company through and through, meaning the BEST equipment

Mark Rankine - CEO

Mark immigrated to the United States from Jamaica with only $20 in his pocket. In his search for the American Dream Mark worked in sales, finance, and recruiting for over 10 years and in the summer 2017 he decided to become a full-time entrepreneur. Now Mark runs five businesses and speaks to college students all over the country about entrepreneurship and networking. What sets Mark apart from others is his love for people. He was inspired to start CRE8R while he was helping a friend who was a struggling artist.

Stefan Cruceru - CTO

Stefan is an expert cinematographer and editor turned serial entrepreneur. Since high school Stefan has been marketing his services and ideas and continues to be an innovator working on new ventures. Feeling limited and uninspired by the traditional career path Stefan moved to New York City in 2018 right after high school to pursue his goals as an entrepreneur. Initially he hoped to find a job in the film industry to make a name for himself before starting his own endeavors. Stefan struggled with finding work as he had neither enough hands on experience nor the formal educational background many employers were looking for. When he finally found a marketing position the overly-structured office setting reminded Stefan why he always wanted to work for himself. He quit that job after one day and then became an intern for Mark Rankine.